Pricing for Marketing Services Focused on Contractors and Home Services

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Individual Services

Transparent Pricing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts online visibility and attracts organic (free) traffic by optimizing content, helping you reach your target audience effectively.

Includes keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and tracking of website visibility in organic search results.

  • Essential (up to 50 Keywords): $1000 / month
  • Turbo (up to 100 Keywords): $1500 / month
  • Lightning (up to 200 Keywords): $2000 / month

Generate leads, traffic, and brand awareness with professionally managed digital advertising service on all major networks including META (Facebook/Instagram), Google (Search/YouTube/Display), TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

Includes account management, budget management, performance optimization, copywriting, basic image formatting, connection to CRM, analytics and reporting.

  • Essential:
    $1000 (Up to 2 campaigns with monthly plan and report)
  • Turbo:
    $1500 (Up to 4 campaigns with bi-weekly plan and report)
  • Lightning:
    $2500 (Up to 8 campaigns with weekly plan and report)

Look great wherever your clients find you; with consistent, high quality content that conveys your core messages.

Includes account management, market research, copywriting, basic image formatting, human monitoring and engagement.

  • Essential:
    $500 / month (2 to 4 posts per month, up to 3 accounts, spam monitoring)
  • Turbo:
    $1000 / month (5 to 15 posts per month, up to 5 accounts, spam monitoring, comment responses/reactions)
  • Lightning:
    $2500 / month (15 to 50 posts per month, up to 7 accounts, spam monitoring, videos/reels, comment responses/reactions, influencer engagement)

Recruiting & Hiring Campaigns 

  • Job posting management
  • Job description copywriting
  • Manage job listings on all relevant platforms
  • Direct targeted candidate outreach available
  • Candidate filtering, pre-vetting, and reference checks
  • Summarize and recommend top candidates


Entry level: 5% of expected annual compensation

Middle management: 10% of expected annual compensation

Executive search: 15% of expected annual compensation

Cold B2B prospecting / business development relations (BDR) is a strategic approach that harnesses the power of digital platforms like Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to create valuable connections with potential business clients. We identify your target prospects, then craft personalized emails, send targeted messages on LinkedIn, and interact on Facebook and Instagram. This multi-step process involves identifying and reaching out to prospects, nurturing relationships through meaningful interactions, and ultimately converting them into valuable business relationships. With careful planning and effective communication, cold B2B prospecting can yield substantial benefits for your company’s growth and success.

  • One Channel:
    $999 /month
  • Two Channels:
    $1799 /month
  • Cold Calling:
    $15 to $30 per hour (varies depending on skill level required)

We’ll call your leads, set appointments, and nurture your customers until the sale is finalized. Then, we’ll follow up to get reviews, referrals, and repeat sales. 

Sales Development Representation is for qualified businesses with existing lead flow and the ability to handle a significant increase in customers and sales. 

  • Template Design and Setup: $500 (one-time fee)
  • Monthly Newsletter Management: $299 per month (copywriting not included)
  • Automation and Segmentation: Custom quote (minimum $1,000)

Professionally built websites that are designed to convert, look great on every device, and connect with any tools or software that will help you attract more customers, close more sales, and operate more efficiently. We build on all the major platforms such as WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, and Shopify. Includes 5 initial design mockups with unlimited edits to get the website just the way you want it.

  • Essential:
    $3,000 (5-10 pages with basic on-page SEO, basic copywriting and images, and contact form with notifications)
  • Turbo:
    $5,000 (10-25 pages with advanced on-page SEO, professional copywriting, custom images, brand mathching or refresh, CRM linking, chat box, and blog)
  • Lightning:
    $12,500+ (Everything in Turbo, plus e-commerce store with payment processing, customer login, and up to 20 products added)

Video Editing

  • Basic: $99 Trim front and back, add logo and music
  • Simple: $100 + $99 Per final minute, one-track, full edit
  • Complex: $100 + $199 Per final minute, up to four tracks, full edit


  • On site: $100 + $49/hour (travel and shooting, w/ 2 hr minimum)
  • Products: $100 + $10 Per final image

Photo Editing

  • $100 + $50 Per image for photo editing (background removal, touch up, basic “photoshopping”)
  • $100 + $75 Per image for virtual staging (blue sky, object replacement, product placement)


  • One camera: $200 + $99/hour (travel, set up, shoot)
  • Two cameras: $200 + $179/hour (travel, set up, shoot)
  • Add professional direction: $299/hour (travel, set up, shoot)

Design and Branding

  • $199 Text-only templates (letterhead, contracts, notices) — copywriting not included
  • $399 One-page ad / flyer (+$99 per additional page for brochures and presentations)
  • $499 Logo (5 initial concepts and unlimited revisions)
  • $999 Brand Guide (a comprehensive document that outlines the guidelines and rules for maintaining consistent brand identity across all marketing and communication materials. It includes information on logo usage, color palettes, typography, tone of voice, and visual elements.)
  • $1999 Brand Kit (a collection of assets and files for implementing the brand identity. Includes high-resolution logo files, color codes, typography styles, letterhead, social media assets, email template, and visual elements such as icons and patterns.)

Press Releases

  • $199 Writing
  • $299 Basic distribution
  • $899 Advanced distribution

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