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New AI Tech Incubator in Fort Myers

United Foundry Announces Exclusive Opportunity for Southwest Florida Businesses to Enhance Sales with AI Technology

Fort Myers, FL – United Foundry, a pioneering marketing technology firm specializing in serving contractors and home service industries, today announced an exciting opportunity for businesses in Southwest Florida. As part of a strategic expansion, United Foundry is inviting up to five local businesses to participate in a unique program that will equip them with a custom-trained AI sales agent, free of charge.

This initiative, valued at $10,000 per participant, aims to demonstrate the transformative potential of AI in streamlining sales processes and enhancing customer engagement. Qualified businesses will gain access to United Foundry’s advanced AI technology services, which has shown to reduce time spent on booking appointments by 73.3% and significantly increase revenue for pilot participants.

Eligibility and Participation To qualify, businesses must currently generate at least five inbound leads per day. Participants will be expected to provide a knowledgeable employee for one or two hours per week to collaborate on the AI training process. This collaboration will ensure that the AI sales agent is perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs and nuances of each business.

Benefits of Participation Participants in this program will receive:

  • A free AI sales agent custom trained to their specific operational needs.
  • Full support and setup from United Foundry’s expert team.
  • The opportunity to be featured in case studies that will showcase their results and experiences, highlighting the impact of AI on their business operations.

A Commitment to Innovation and Community Growth “United Foundry is committed to creating high ROI solutions that are easy for small and midsize businesses to implement,” said Andrew Falde, Co-founder of United Foundry. “We are excited to offer this opportunity to Southwest Florida businesses, so that AI technology can create measurable and irrefutable improvement to business operations and profitability.”

Businesses interested in participating are encouraged to apply promptly, as the selection will be limited to no more than five participants. This program not only represents a significant value in software and service, but also a unique chance to position businesses at the forefront of technological adoption in the industry.

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