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Multichannel Machine - United Foundry


Attention Home Service Contractors:


This exclusive marketing and selling system makes you the most known and trusted option in your local target market; so you become the only logical choice for your ideal customers to call.


The More Known & Trusted Brand Wins

QUESTION: How many of your ideal customers paid your competitors today because they didn’t even know you were an option?

Secret #1 People Naturally Trust What Is Familiar

If you never want to be overlooked again, then your ideal customers need to see your consistent brand and clear message in many different places throughout their daily life. 

That means online, offline, physical, digital, search, social media, in person, and MORE… 

This is called Multichannel Marketing. And today, it’s more important than ever because consumers are so overwhelmed with choices that they naturally default to the brand they have seen the most. 

Secret #2 You Don't Need A Bigger Marketing Budget To Win

So, we can agree that multichannel marketing is the key to winning your local niche, but you may think that your budget is too limited to advertise “everywhere”.

The truth is that trying to become the leader by spending more than your competition is too risky. There is a much better way.

The solution we recommend is called “submarket compounding“, and here’s how it works.

  1. First, you start multichannel marketing in one targeted submarket that has a high concentration of your ideal customers.
  2. As you get customers, word of mouth spreads much faster because you have concentrated your marketing to people who are more likely to talk to each other.
  3. Then, after you become well known in this area, you can reduce your advertising budget in the first submarket and redeploy your budget (and increased profits) in the next submarket

When you follow this approach, you can afford to do multichannel marketing and compound your growth to become the market leader in their region (no matter what your starting budget is). 

Secret #3 You Can Increase Revenue Within Days

You’re probably thinking that it will take a long time and a lot of patience to become the most known and trusted brand in your market. 

And, it’s true that market leadership doesn’t happen overnightBut… 

There is good news: you don’t have to wait long to see results. Because Multichannel Marketing can increase leads, sales, and cash flow almost immediately, when done right. 

The specific approach we take is to start at the end. That means we start by increasing your close rate, recover lost sales, and make sure your team and systems are optimized to convert more leads into customers. 

Once that is done, we move backward through the process of getting more appointments, more leads, more clicks, more calls, and increased awareness. 

Most people get this backward, and that is why most people spend a lot of money and give up before they get results. 

What You Get With...


✅ Fully Trained Team

It takes six specific roles to design, build, and manage a multichannel marketing strategy: Leadership, design, sales writing, media buying, technology, data/finance

Our fully trained team is focused on home services and contractors, making this the only option in the world for multichannel marketing & sales support designed for your business.

If you wanted to build this talent pool internally, you would have to invest six-figures in payroll to build it yourself. 

But, you can simply plug into our team and benefit from economies of scale to get the same result for far less investment. 

✅ Complete Dashboard

Multichannel Marketing is complex. There are many platforms, logins, reports, etc. And things are changing all the time. 

That’s why we put all your information into one complete dashboard, with: 

  • One login 
  • All reports combined and customized to you
  • Always up to date in real time
  • Easy and beautiful to look at 
This makes marketing feel more like a strategy game, since you aren’t wasting time jumping between platforms trying to figure out what is going on. 


✅ Automated Nurturing

The #1 fastest way to increase revenue in a business is to begin converting more leads into sales (including old leads).

And the best way to convert more leads into sales is with automated nurturing. Our automated nurturing system allows you to: 

  • Respond in seconds from any source
  • Follow up frequently to warm up the sale
  • EITHER Customize your existing tools (CRM, etc.) 
  • OR Use our software 
  • Plus, we write the content for you, so you don’t have to spend days figuring out what to say and wonder if you are saying the right things. 

These systems have taken us years to learn and implement, and you get to plug them into your business right away.


✅ Sales Coaching & Accountability

Even with our multichannel strategies, clear reporting dashboard, and automated tools, we still faced the challenge of figuring out why some businesses grow a little and some grow A LOT

Because even with the same great Marketing campaign, the company with the more developed sales team will win. 

So we decided to double down our efforts, go beyond the marketing, and optimize sales team performance to make sure every lead has the best chance of turning into a customer, fast.

Our Sales Coaching and Accountability includes: 

  • Hiring and training
  • Live coaching and performance review
  • Role playing and overcoming objections 
  • Sales script development 
  • Training on tools, systems, and best practices
  • Customized to align with the marketing campaigns 
Sales coaching, systems, and accountability like this is easily worth the entire cost of Multichannel Machine. 



What They Say

We chose to work with United Foundry because of their top quality team and the professional ideas and plans they were able to implement. Andrew and Rob have both found new and effective ways to get our business seen by customers, and the results have been exciting.

Cameron Schwartz CEO, Sabal Construction & Roofing

They helped us 10x our growth in a single year. I couldn’t recommend them more! Helpful, responsive and driven by results; this is how I would describe the team at United Foundry. They have helped us in countless ways and, more importantly, I trust them.

Jeff Johnson President, International Needs

United Foundry is the team to use. We’ve been working with Rob and Andrew for over a year now and it has been the best investment. We originally signed up with them to improve our social media advertising, which was an instant success. Getting more traffic to our website increased our customer count but then they optimized our website which increased our customer count again.

Ryan Chandler Owner, Naples Rug Spa

United Foundry helped take the idea for Premia Fitness and make it a reality. Andrew and his team have been there at all stages of our growth including: initial concept, forming the business entity, raising the majority of investment capital, launching our first studio, and creating an entire franchising company from scratch to expand Premia Fitness to new markets with franchise partners.

Matt Davidson CEO, Premia Fitness

I feel as though I had taken the organization as far as I could take it myself... all the areas that we needed help in, they had expertise and experience... we just felt like we hit the jackpot. Exceeded my expectations!

Diane Brask Executive Director, Global Seed Planters

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