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Local SEO for Contractors: Three Simple DIY Tips

If you are a contractor looking to show up on local search engine results using SEO, then read these three simple DIY tips on Local SEO for Contractors. 

These are beginner level search engine ranking tips that you can use to rank your local construction, contracting, or home service website.

Doing these things will help you get more leads through local SEO, without any technical expertise required. 

Rest assured, these are all things you can do on your own, without spending money or hiring an expert in local SEO. Even if you can’t, then someone on your team can probably figure these things out in a few minutes. 

DIY Local SEO for Contractors Tip #1: Describe your services thoroughly on your website. 

That means a lot of detail. But keep it easy to read. Which means short sentences, short paragraphs, and simple, clear language. Use the phrases that people search for in your writing. For example: Don’t just say “we’ve been in business for 20 years”. Instead, write “Hire the Bay View contractor with 20 years of local experience.” Notice we added “Bay View contractor” which is a term people in Bay View would search for. 

Your minimum goal should be 1,500 words (3 articles x 500 words each) covering key aspects of the services that you provide. 

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Here’s the next tip to rank your contracting or home service website:

Local SEO for Contractor Tip #2: Put your website address (your URL) and basic details everywhere online

Put your contracting website on your company social media pages, your personal social media pages, your sales staff’s social media profiles, and every relevant directory that will let you list your company website. 

But don’t just put your website there. Put the name of your business, the phone number and street address as well. Google can see all the content that is listed in these locations. So, it’s important that it’s consistent and accurate.

The more your information is repeated, the more Google will see what you are all about and that you are a good place to send traffic for your chosen contracting niche.

If you don’t have a lot of places to put this information, then make new social media profiles for social media networks you aren’t on yet.

Even if you don’t like to use social media, it’s risky to not claim your brand name on every social media channel. It not only helps your search engine rankings to have your URL listed everywhere, it protects you from people using your business name for other purposes. 

And that brings us to our last free DIY Search Engine Ranking tip for your local contracting business is this:

Tip #3: Ask your customers to submit Google reviews for your contracting business. 

Google is very serious about showing people legitimate and trustworthy websites, which means credibility and trust are important. Nothing proves your credibility and authority more than when other people write positive reviews. Maybe you are concerned about asking for reviews because you don’t know what people will write. 

First, most people don’t like to write negative reviews, even when they are not happy. 

Second, you can ask them if they are happy first. If they are happy, then you can send them the link to give a review. 

Lastly, regarding the process of getting reviews. Put someone (or a group of people) in your company in charge of increasing Google reviews. Offer a reward at the end of the month for each review added. 

There are hundreds of things you can do to get your website ranked, and these are just a few of the basic ways to do it without any technical knowledge or experience. 

So, if you want to rank your contracting business higher on Google and get more organic search traffic for the keywords that customers are typing in, then United Foundry can help. 

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